Night Owl Reconnaissance

Night Owl Reconnaissance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that aims to assist in the investigations of missing persons using investigative techniques from experts across the country.

Mission And Vision

Night Owl Reconnaissance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that aims to assist in the investigations of missing persons using investigative techniques from experts across the country. Founded in 2019, we have focused on investigating individual missing persons cases while working to expand to the detection and prevention of missing persons.

We understand that there are many reasons for a person to go missing, whether it be child abduction, sex trafficking, escaping domestic abuse, or death. Our aim is to work with law enforcement to ensure the safety of anybody reported missing. We also understand that people willingly leave hostile or abusive situations and are reported missing. In these situations, we will work with law enforcement to communicate it as a willing separation and offer any services to the survivor we are able.

We aim to become a collection of industry experts, collaboratively working with other organizations to contribute to this issue.

What We Do


With hundreds of thousands of individuals reported missing every year in the United States, Night Owl Reconnaissance aims to significantly reduce that number through internal efforts in addition to collaboration with other corporations and non-profit organizations. We aim to use data and analysis in order to help identify trends that could help us uncover common causes to individuals going missing.


Founded by a team with a strong background in fraud investigations and identity management, Night Owl Reconnaissance helps improve the numbers of those looking for individuals reported missing. Using both Open Source Intelligence and paid services, we aim to assist in any open missing person case reported to police.

Survivor Services

Those who are recovered from a dangerous or hostile situation, especially for those who have been missing for a long period of time, could need additional assistance handling their situation and adjusting back into society. Night Owl Reconnaissance aims to offer assistance to those individuals and their families.


Night Owl Reconnaissance focuses on the detection and prevention of missing persons through

  • Corporate data integration and analysis
  • Corporate consultation
  • Discovery of criminal groups associated with missing persons (slavery, sexual servitude, child abduction and trafficking, etc.)
  • Fund flow analysis and disruption
  • Big data analytics
  • Cold case data analysis and solutions


Night Owl Reconnaissance focuses on investigations of ongoing missing persons cases through

  • Setting best practices and policies for investigations
  • Establishing a collection of tools and resources for missing person investigations
  • Training and development to train new investigators or offering opportunities for experienced investigators to expand their knowledge
  • Maintaining a network of individuals and investigators working together with law enforcement to contribute to missing person cases

Survivor Services

Night Owl Reconnaissance aims to offer survivor assistance through

  • Counseling referral services
  • Survivor assistance funds
  • Advisory board of survivors
  • Government outreach and involvement
  • Education and resources for survivors and their families


Daniel Wickenhauser

Board Chairman

JoAnn Schwieter

Board Member
Vice President

Tim Hudson

Board Member
Chief Financial Officer

Derek Scott

Board Member
Director of Investigations

Ashly Delaney

Director of Survivor Services

NicK Price

Chief Technology Officer


Director of Recruitment

Frank Adamo

Case Acquisition Specialist

Get Involved

Night Owl Reconnaissance was founded by a group of individuals who wanted to assist those in need. We have a passion for contributing to decreasing the number of those who go missing every year and recovering those who are reported missing.

We understand the tremendous impact these events can have on the lives of individuals and families. The missing, survivors, and their family deserve to have critical thought, innovative techniques, and expert effort applied to their individual situations. To accomplish this, we leverage the combined skills of our field investigations’ expertise with creative and classic techniques to spur new information on potential witnesses, pattern-of-life clues, and search locations.

At Night Owl Reconnaissance we aim to be a vanguard for at-risk person investigations. For that reason, our core focuses are to ensure was in our organization and volunteers are developed and trained. Those who join will benefit by:

  • Locating Missing Persons, Aiding Survivors, and Making a Positive Impact in the World
  • Ongoing Training and Development Opportunities
  • Obtaining Professional Experience

For those interested in tackling complex challenges with inventive ideas, please consider volunteering. You the below form to contact us today: