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Join the Investigation Team and make a difference in the lives of missing persons and their families! We are currently seeking individuals to fill the following roles:

Social Media Investigator

As a social media investigator, you will be responsible for isolating and recovering all missing person related social media material. You will identify family members, friends, groups, media and pull usernames, photos, videos, links, and more. You will also monitor social media for tags, groups, or new material related to the missing person.

Geographic/Imagery Investigator

As a geographic/imagery investigator, you will be responsible for executing the O.W.L. search. You will pinpoint witness locations, last known location, self-harm locations, poster placement locations, and any other data generated that is mappable. You will also create images of significant case-related areas which are exportable to social media, families, law enforcement officers.

Pattern of Life Investigator

As a pattern of life investigator, you will uncover all POL data points listed in the investigative plan. You will work with other team members to isolate or cross-reference applicable information. You will use non-defined means to gather any additional or remaining information.

Open-Source Intelligence Investigator

As an open-source intelligence investigator, you will use various techniques to uncover new or additional information on topics relating to the case. On squad member request, you will cross-reference, research, or seek additional information on topics or details uncovered by team members. You will also validate information provided by families, law enforcement officers, and other sources. You will manage “long shot” information generation sources.

Primary Interviewer, Community Outreach, Family POC

As a primary interviewer, community outreach, family POC, you will be the primary interviewer for any case-related interviews. You will be responsible for documenting that information and providing it to the squad. You will also seek community outreach organizations and other efforts that may assist with the investigation. You will be the primary point of contact for the family regarding tips, information, or questions. You will work with Survivor Services/DOI to provide case updates.

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