Survivor Services

Night Owl’s Survivor Services Program focuses on these main areas to assist and support survivors:

  • Counseling Referral Services
  • Victim Assistance Funds
  • Advisory Board of Survivors 
  • Government Outreach and Involvement
  • Community Outreach and Education

When survivors or their families enter our program, we immediately connect them with a Victim Advocate who will provide them support, referrals, and advocacy. Victim Advocates are trained volunteers who will provide crisis counseling, safety planning, and appropriate referrals to the survivor to assist them in their journey. Our team provides referrals to, and networks with, agencies in the survivor’s area to assist with obtaining victim assistance funds, long term counseling, and any other needs they may have to assist in achieving stability. 

  • Crisis Counseling
  • Safety Planning
  • Referrals

Night Owl understands the need for services to be inclusive, encompassing, and supportive through our Advisory Board of Survivors, we aim to seek feedback to better help us serve survivors and assist in our knowledge as it relates to investigations. We seek to take our mission and what we learn at Night Owl to help and empower others through our education and outreach focuses as well as advocate for survivors and victims of crimes on a government level by advocating for the rights of those affected by these crimes. 

  • Advisory Board of Survivors
  • Outreach & Education       
  • Survivor Services Volunteers

We have volunteer positions open in our Survivor Services Team! We are seeking empathetic, empowerment-based, and survivor-focused folks to join us as we grow our Victim Advocate and Community Connections Teams. 

Our Victim Advocates work directly with survivors or their families to provide direct service to them in the following areas: crisis counseling, safety planning, resources, and referrals. 

Our Community Connections Advocates maintain our local and nationwide resources and send appropriate referrals for those in our services.