Q: What should I do if a loved one goes missing?

A: First, report the missing person to law enforcement immediately. Then, contact our organization for assistance and resources in locating your loved one.

Q: Do you accept cases that haven’t been reported to law enforcement?

A: No. All cases must be reported to law enforcement and a NAMUS case number is required for us to begin any investigation efforts.

Q: Do you work cases or accept volunteers from out of the United States?

A: No. All missing person cases and volunteers must be within the United States.

Q: How can I assist in finding a missing person?

A: We offer many opportunities within our organization to assist looking for a missing person. Please look at our Join Us – Investigations page for more details on how you can get involved.

Q: How does victim advocacy help those who have been recovered?

A: Victim advocacy provides emotional support, referrals to resources, and advocacy in navigating the criminal justice system for those who have been recovered.

Q: How can I get involved in survivor services?

A: You can get involved in survivor services by volunteering with our organization, supporting survivor-centered organizations, and advocating for policies that support survivors. For more information on available roles , see our Join Us – Survivor Services page.

Q: How can I donate to support your organization?

A: Please look at our Donate section which details all of the methods of support we need. 

Q: Do you offer any paid positions?

A: All roles within the organization are unpaid volunteer opportunities. 

Q: How can I support if I do not have an investigative or victim advocacy background?

A: We are working on training and mentoring opportunities if you are interested in developing investigative and victim advocacy skills. We also have multiple core support teams that enable us to do what we do. You can find more information on those roles in the Join Us – Support Teams page.